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my first blog... how cliche

It took me some time to come around but with the, 'you absolutely have to write a blog', I perpetually get from one of my top real estate coaches I suppose it's time. So what to write about? What would keep you interested? This makes me feel like Carrie from Sex and the City with all the questions in my head and constant backspacing...


I could stick to the script and enter this space with a real estate post, but how cliche. This coach, we'll call him Coach A, says it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be you. (I'm seeing a wide eyed emoji inserted here). See, I'm originally from the north east, not exactly NY but close enough for it to rub off. I love the no non-sense, uncensored, tell it like it is approach. It's actually refreshing to me and quite useful in this business on many levels. Despite Maui life toning me down a bit, you will always get a straight answer; you may not always like it, but it's always real.

On that note... I intend for this aspect of self reveal to focus primarily on life as a

South Florida luxury real estate broker, far from boring, certainly entertaining at times, not as glamorous as you'd think but hopefully with some depth and minimal grammatical errors. Being I'm always working, there's endless content and this shouldn't be as hard as I've been making it.

So here's to checking the box and overcoming self-doubt and all the insecurities that come along with speaking (or writing) in front of a crowd... thankfully not in front of a crowd that can see you (in your pajamas).


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