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the post GNE push

Well I have to say it has been an insane month since the SIR Global Networking Event in Las Vegas. I've been trying to keep up, between GRI classes and Open House's and testing new marketing, it's been a lot of late nights and early mornings trying to get to the gym! But I can not tell you how much support I've received from my amazing SIR family, I feel truly blessed. Last month I was so fortunate to connect with new SIR friends from Toronto and DC while they were here in Palm Beach. We had an amazing dinner that was full of stories and laughter and delicious food that would feed an army.

This years Making Strides Cancer Walk in Boca Raton, FL , was so incredible to be a part of. Our team at NPSIR handed out cases and cases of water for all the angels who donated their time and walked for a very important cause. The second best part was all the cute outfits!

Sitting in class for hours on end has never been a favorite thing to do for me, although I always seemed to get good grades, but for some reason I actually enjoy classes now. GRI is a highly respected designation in our field that I have been working diligently on completing. The in-depth training requires over 60 hours of classroom coursework from legal and regulatory issues to technology, professional standards, and the sales process. Hope to graduate in 2018.

So I have to say, as I sit here at 11:29pm, still happily working away, that after 15 years in this amazing business that I love so much, I'm still having a great time being challenged!

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